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Chaptered; A Little Piece of Heaven (2/21); JaeSu

Title: A Little Piece of Heaven
Authors: xiahwase & hushmybaby
Pairings: Jaejoong/Junsu, past Yunho/Jaejoong, implied Junsu/OFC
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~1,700 words
Warnings: Flangst, character death (not Jaejoong or Junsu's), lots of fluff
Summary: After Junsu's wife dies, Jaejoong moves into his house.
Disclaimer: TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki belongs to SM and Avex co. This story is purely fictional, made to entertain, and any resemblance with reality is nothing but a coincidence.
A/N: This is a very simple story I decided to write to break through my awful writer's block. As you can see, the number of chapters is already defined as everything is already outlined, just waiting to be written. hushmybaby is my lovely co-writer (and beta) in this, so lots of kisses and hugs to her as well ♥. Comments are, as usual, appreciated.

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"Are you sure you're all right?" Jaejoong asked, eyeing Junsu with concern.

Junsu nodded once then looked at him; his lips gave a gentle quirk upwards. It was a start. "I'm fine. But I really need to do this. I have to sign a bunch of papers to release her body," he said bitterly, and stopped for a moment. "And then contact the mortuary, and her parents, and her relatives and her friends, and-"

"Calm down. If you do it like that you'll go mad. Just breathe." He placed his hand on Junsu's shoulder and squeezed lightly. "Do you know how long it will take?"

"I have no idea. Hopefully not so long. I hate hospitals," he said the last with a shiver. The last time Junsu had been in a hospital was when Shinah was born, and that was not a pleasant memory. Jihyun's labor had many complications and both she and her baby were at risk of dying at the surgery table. Those were the most agonizing hours Junsu had experienced in his life, as he couldn't do anything but watch the time painfully pass by. The 'tic toc' of the clock almost led him to insanity. Luckily for him, everything turned out for the better and both mother and daughter managed to come home safely.

But that was almost one year ago -- it seemed so distant, as if it had happened in another life. And now, as he read the little piece of paper in his hands with his own scribble of the hospital's address, he didn't feel so lucky anymore.

With a deep breath, he put the piece of paper inside his pocket and grabbed his coat. He stopped in the kitchen and watched the trees outside from the window. The leaves were dancing with the wind. Once upon a time, Junsu would climb the trees near his house with Jaejoong on his tail to hide from the little whiny girl who wouldn't leave them alone. Until one day, many years later, she had learned to climb the tree too -- well, almost. She had been so close to the top as Jaejoong and Junsu cheered from below but slipped and fell. If it Weren't for Junsu's quick reflexes, she would have hurt herself badly. Instead, Junsu had managed to pillow her fall and they walked away with a few scratches and bruises.

"Do you want me to come with you?" Jaejoong barged in, noticing that Junsu's mind was somewhere else.

Junsu shook his head. "No. Don't worry about it. I was just... thinking."

"That's never a good thing," he said in an almost playful tone, in attempt to lift the mood. Junsu let out what seemed like an almost-chuckle leaving Jaejoong satisfied. "Go on. If you need anything, just call me, I'll be right here." He rubbed Junsu's back and let the man lean into his touch. They were always like that with each other; people outside their circle would stare or even say things about them being 'gay'. But their touches were always so innocent, and they needed that, just as they needed air to breath. Besides, Junsu loved Jihyun, always had. And Jaejoong knew that.

"I left you a list of things to do, since you never had to take care of a baby before."

Jaejoong coughed unexpectedly. He had no idea of how to take care of an infant, not that he would ever need to, as -- unlike Junsu -- Jaejoong was gay. "Are you certain you want to leave her with me? Couldn't your mother do that? I'm sure she knows a lot more about babysitting than me."

Junsu almost laughed. He would have if it were not for that huge lump in his throat, or so he tried to convince himself. "It'll be fine. It's not that hard. You always took care of me when we were young."

"That was easy. You're only a couple years younger than me," Jaejoong pointed out.

"You'll be fine. Call me if she gives you any trouble. Now, I really must go." He gave him an apologetic look and walked to the door. But before leaving, he turned around and said, "Thank you...for everything."

Jaejoong only smiled and nodded in response. Junsu left to the hospital with one less thing to be worried about while Jaejoong wondered if there was any way he could screw this up.


He discovered a couple of hours later that, yes, there were many ways he could screw this up.

Shinah was smiling at him as if nothing was happening. But Jaejoong didn't think the same.

He was covered in bodily fluids, that were way too gross to be mentioned, and he smelled as if he had just walked out of a dumpster, which was not very sanitary, obviously. It seemed as if Jaejoong had fought a battle with some kind of monster and lost which wasn't so far from the truth. Shinah was a devious little thing; that was for sure.

First, he had tried to change her diapers which proved to be a very hard task, much harder than Jaejoong had imagined. Not only wouldn't she stop moving, but she decided that she had to do her business right there in the midst of changing diapers. Just as Jaejoong got a clean pair, Shinah had started peeing all over the bed. He was taken aback and cupped her piss with his hands panicking as it flowed unwantedly to his elbows and end of his new shirt. Then, there was the cleaning, much worse even; Jaejoong had to hold his breath while doing so, because oh, god that smell was just too much for him.

It took him almost an hour to get the job done. But that had nothing to do with his stomach that decided to act up, causing him to spend a whole thirty minutes bent over the toilet seat.

After all that, Shinah decided to do what every child her age does best: cry. That amazingly annoying sound, as Jaejoong discovered, could mean... anything. Really... anything. So, after a lot of tries -- and almost an equal amount of failures -- he managed to find out what the hell was wrong with her. She was... hungry.

And that was a problem itself as Jaejoong read through Junsu's notes. There was a big list of things she could and could not eat, and they had to be soft cooked and mashed, to make it easier for her to chew. It wasn't a problem to prepare them, as Jaejoong liked to cook every now and then, but following Junsu's instructions proved to be a bigger challenge than he had first imagined. His cooking was definitely not made for babies. So he was forced to learn right there and then.

Shinah seemed more concerned about getting Jaejoong angry than eating the food that took Jaejoong so long to prepare. She was flinging things at him with her spoon and laughing at Jaejoong's displeased face. His hair was full of baby food, as if having his clothes dirty with baby piss was not enough. But she was not much better, with food all over her face, clothes, the high chair and even the floor could not escape the imminent cataclysm.

"You're a very bad baby, you know that, don't you?" he said with disdain, trying to get most of the mess off his hair.

She only smiled and laughed, clapping her hands in excitement. Jaejoong heaved a sigh.

"You're not going to go easy on me, are you?"

She smiled again and grinned.

"Fine. I'll leave you to it," he said and turned around as if leaving, but waiting instead. When he looked behind him he saw her trying her best to eat the food -- what was left of it -- and smiled. Maybe he was beginning to get a hold of this 'baby' thing.

But Shinah -- the devil -- threw a handful of food right at his face.

Or maybe not.


Junsu returned a few hours later. He had never felt so spent and stressed in his whole life. Bureaucracy was the dumbest thing one invented. His hand was numb from all the things he had to fill and sign. And the wait; why had them made him wait so long just to get one damn release approval? She was not even... alive. Fucking hospitals, he cursed mentally.

Tired and still angry with the way the system works, Junsu let himself in and found the house oddly quiet. His blood ran cold as he rushed to Shinah's bedroom. But once there, he stood frozen at the door.

Jaejoong was sleeping on a chair, with Shinah in his arms. His clothes were dirty and Junsu immediately figured out why -- he almost laughed to himself. He took the baby out of Jaejoong's hold and placed her in her crib, then he grabbed a warm blanket and drapped it over Jaejoong.

Shinah opened her eyes briefly and smiled at him. Junsu smiled back, tickling her belly gently. She chuckled and dozed off again as Junsu retreated into his own bedroom to look for some clean clothes to lend Jaejoong. Luckily they were similar in size.

He was startled when he heard a voice behind him, "You're back," Jaejoong croaked, rubbing his eyes. He looked at the clock on Junsu's bedside. "It's late."

"It is. You should spend the night, you can leave tomorrow morning. Here," he said, handling Jaejoong a pair of clean pants and a shirt. "You can use these."

"Thank you."

"Did she give you a hard time?"

Jaejoong chuckled as he remembered everything. "Oh, you have no idea."

Junsu scoffed, "Oh, but I think I do." The clock announced the new hour and they both turned to it. "You better take a shower and go to sleep in the guest room. I'll get something to eat."

"I left some for you in the fridge. If you need me, just yell."

Junsu answered with a hum and left. And Jaejoong went straight to the bathroom; the smell on him was unbearable still.

Tomorrow, he would have a serious talk with Junsu about leaving babies in the hands of unprepared, innocent people.


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Tags: fandom: dbsk, fic: piece of heaven, genre: angst, genre: fluff, length: chaptered, pairing: jaejoong/junsu, rating: pg-13

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