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Chaptered; A Little Piece of Heaven (1/21); JaeSu

Title: A Little Piece of Heaven
Authors: xiahwase & hushmybaby
Pairings: Jaejoong/Junsu, past Yunho/Jaejoong, implied Junsu/OFC
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~1,000 words
Warnings: Flangst, character death (not Jaejoong or Junsu's), lots of fluff
Summary: After Junsu's wife dies, Jaejoong moves into his house.
Disclaimer: TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki belong to SM and Avex co. This story is purely fictional, made to entertain, and any resemblance with reality is nothing but a coincidence.
A/N: This is a very simple story I decided to write to break through my awful writer's block. As you can see, the number of chapters is already defined as everything is already outlined, just waiting to be written. hushmybaby is my lovely co-writer (and beta) in this, so lots of kisses and hugs to her as well ♥. Comments are, as usual, appreciated.

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Heavy rain fell outside. The sound of droplets splashing against the window was loud over the silence that ruled the house.

The house was pitch black except for a faint yellow light coming from one of the bedrooms. A child's cry came from that direction and echoed through the dark and empty rooms. And a man sat on the floor beside the baby's crib with both hands against his face and knees against his chest; his soft whimpers and his trembling body revealed that he was crying. Beside him, the child cried louder -- almost screaming -- as if she was calling for someone, and the man pressed his hands against his ears, trying to block the desperate pleas of his baby daughter.

The man, Junsu, wanted nothing more than to scream and disappear as his world crumbled before his eyes just a few hours before. The woman, whom he had loved and cared for for years, had died in a violent car accident. The emotionless voice of the doctor was still ringing in his ears. How it happened, why it happened, when it happened, Junsu didn't know, for his mind shut itself from the world when he heard the words 'accident' and 'dead' being said to him over the phone.

He had not said a word to his daughter -- he needed not to as she seemed to sense something from him the moment he walked into her bedroom, and she started to wail. Junsu stood frozen beside her crib, watching as painful cries spilled from her throat and her little body squirmed as if she were in real pain; he felt powerless at that moment, and did nothing to stop her.

Minutes later -- the cries were not as loud then -- he let his tired body slump to the ground, and he sat there in his miserable position for hours.

The three of them lived in a small house, bought with a lot of struggle and hard work. It was simple, but it was home.

Now, the cold walls and dark rooms were almost frightening, no longer welcoming. No longer... home.

He stared lifelessly at the cracks on the cold floor -- she had been willing to fix them for a while, and he forgot why they didn't, although now it didn't matter. A few tears rolled down his face, pale as the moon, and he heard the child's cry growing softer as the hours passed by. How long had he been sitting there, he did not know for sure, but he could feel the prickling sensation as his leg muscles began to go numb.

"Mommy will come home later," Junsu whispered to no one but himself. And the child, tired from crying, fell into a deep slumber, her small body curled upon itself in the crib. "Yes, mommy is very busy." He nodded. His eyes were dull and unfocused, and the smile that blossomed on his face had nothing to do with him being happy. No. It was cold and empty, forced and fake.

He sat there the whole night ignoring the ache in his lower body as the floor was too hard and not one bit comfortable for one to sit there for so long. He didn't remember sleeping, although he didn't remember being awake either. Those hours resumed into pain and loneliness, and closing his eyes did not make any difference.


"Junsu! Are you there?" Jaejoong yelled from the outside, knocking harder on the door, but no one answered. "Junsu?" he tried again. Maybe Junsu was still asleep, he thought to himself; his shoulders dropped in disappointment.

He turned around to leave when he heard the cracking sound of the locks being unlocked. And he waited patiently for Junsu to open the door with a grin on his face and good news boiling to be told, knowing Junsu would be more than happy for him. Or so he thought.

But then the door opened and the grin vanished instantly.

Junsu's face was a mix of red eyes, swollen cheeks, and messy hair. It was more than obvious that Junsu had been crying, but why Jaejoong didn't know. He asked nothing, simply reached for Junsu and pulled him against his chest in a tight hug, ignoring Junsu's chin digging on his shoulder. Junsu's breath tickled the skin on his neck as the man took in big amounts of air. But he didn't cry, perhaps because he was too tired, or maybe because of Jaejoong's encouraging words. Instead, he clung onto Jaejoong's clothes as if his life depended on it and buried his face in the crook of the man's neck sensing the soft smell of fresh soap and Jaejoong's favorite shampoo.

Jaejoong tightened his hold.

"What happened?" he asked; his voice was soft.

But what came out from Junsu's mouth was a jumble of words and gasps and whimpers and other sounds Jaejoong could not identify. There was no use trying to make sense of Junsu's almost-words, so Jaejoong pulled the man with him into the house and onto the couch and went to the kitchen to prepare some coffee.

Minutes later, when the coffee was done, Jaejoong returned to the living-room. He was not prepared for what he was about to see: Junsu was curled in a fetal position, seeming so vulnerable and miserable. Jaejoong's heart ached at the sight.

"Junsu," he said, sitting on the far corner of the same couch and showing Junsu the cup in his hand. Junsu promptly sat and accepted the cup, but never once looking at Jaejoong's face. "Where's Shinah?" he asked and noticed the way Junsu's eyes closed and then opened again. "Is she all right?"

Junsu nodded slowly. It took him great effort to speak and stop his voice from shaking. "Yes. She's... fine."

Jaejoong decided to ask no more, and began a one-sided dialog to ease the tense atmosphere.

Many hours later, when Junsu was calm enough, Jaejoong managed to get him to explain what had happened. His heart stopped when he learned Jihyun had died. The girl who followed the two friends around in school and even asked Jaejoong for permission to go on a date with Junsu -- she knew how important Junsu was to him. And now she was... dead, really dead. It sounded surreal, it just couldn't be true.

The moisture came back to Junsu's eyes, threatening to fall, and Jaejoong realized it was true indeed -- he felt as if someone had stabbed him.

He held Junsu against his chest once again as the man cried.

Later, Jaejoong checked his cell phone and his eyes lingered on the words flashing on the screen: 'You have 10 missed calls', all of which were from Junsu.


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Tags: fandom: dbsk, fic: piece of heaven, genre: angst, genre: fluff, length: chaptered, pairing: jaejoong/junsu, rating: pg-13

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